Hire a Handyman to Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Hire a Handyman to Help Increase Your Home’s Curb AppealAre you getting bored with the curb appeal of your house? Don’t feel like you need to make any rash decisions like moving! Hire a handyman to help you add a few changes to change the street view of your house. One little change may be just what you needed to pull your home out of the doldrums.

Hiring a handyman to alter your front door is often the easiest and most inexpensive way to add curb appeal. Whether you decide to paint your door or get a new one entirely, this simple project may be just the change you were looking for. If you decide to paint your door a new color, pick one that stands out as an accent color, not one that stands out like a sore thumb. Deciding to replace your front door altogether gives you more options on what type of look you want your door to have, the new clear plastics have replaced glass but still give your home an inviting feel without sacrificing home security.

If you want to add more flair to your curb appeal then painting your house might be the perfect option. Spruce up your surroundings by picking a different color than the color that was previously adorning the exterior walls of your home. Finding a complimentary color for the trim is key to accentuating the design and curb appeal of your abode. Waiting to paint or re-paint your house until there are signs of wear and tear could make your easy job a difficult one, so be sure to re-paint before your previous coat begins to peel.

Adding a fence to your yard might be just what you were imagining for the new-look of your home. A small white picket-type fence can add a cozy, cottage feel to your home. Putting up a privacy fence between your house and your neighbors’ will help to set your beautiful new home apart from the boring look of your neighboring houses, just make sure you don’t build a fence so high you feel trapped in your yard!

Having a deck is great for sunny weather and lazy summer afternoons grilling and enjoying the company of good friends, but your deck takes a beating from the elements yearlong and you need to stay on top of it to make sure its full potential shines through. Every other summer you should dedicate a weekend to re-staining and sealing your deck, there are many spray-on seals on the market that do a fantastic job of protecting your deck and require half as much work as staining with a brush. Feel like your deck has shrunk in size since you added that grill and patio furniture?  Add a wing to your deck is easier than enlarging it and gives you two areas to congregate instead of one!

Increasing your curb appeal can be a fun and exciting way to help change to look of your home, make a plan to put these projects in motion and if you need any help be sure to hire a handyman and give your local Handyman Connection a call for a free estimate!

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