Master Handyman Home Repairs for 2011

If you’re like the majority of home owners out there, you probably have at least one project or home repair that you’ve been putting off for a while. Perhaps you’re waiting for the conditions to worsen and necessity for repair to increase before hiring a professional to do the job. Maybe you’re putting it off until spring so you can have a better working climate. Either way, the longer you wait to make repairs will result in a more time consuming and costly fix.

Decks: Is your wood deck becoming discolored or soft? Does it flake or appear to be damaged? If you answered “yes” to either of these questions then you may be suffering from a rotting deck. Rotting decks are easy to spot and can be replaced relatively easily, however if you’ve been putting this off for too long, it may be time to call a master handyman. When spotted early, a repair can be as simple as replacing a few boards, or even sanding down the rotting areas. If the task has been delayed for too long, the deck may need to be replaced by a master handyman. For more information on deck repairs, check out:

Exterior Painting: Do you have sun damaged exterior paint on your house? Is your house paint chipping? Simply painting over previously painted exterior home walls isn’t always the answer. This problem may require the sanding of old paint before applying any new coats. Before tackling this project by yourself, consult a master handyman for the best approach to repairing your exterior house paint. Spotting paint defects early can prevent serious chipping and paint damage.

Drywall: It doesn’t matter how it got there, the fact is that it’s there and it’s time to do something about it. We’re talking about holes in the wall. Many rooms obtain holes that range in sizes from very small to very large. Wall holes are one of those things that get worse with time. Sometimes patching holes can be an extremely frustrating task because the more you try to patch them the bigger they get. Patching a hole in the wall the minute you spot it is important. If you do not act fast these holes can get out of hand and you’ll have to call a master handyman to help you out.

Plumbing: If you notice that your sink or tub is draining slower than usual it’s time to do something about it. Many people overlook a slow draining fixture and assume that it might get better with time. That idea is typically false. Occasionally running very hot water down pipes can help with regulation, however it will not fix a clog. Putting off slow draining sinks and tubs can result in a clog. Sometimes this can be fixed with a drain snake or other draining solutions, but if it has been put off long enough, you may need to consult a master handyman.

Putting off home repairs and maintenance can seem like an appropriate decision, but it may have some expensive and time consuming consequences. Be mindful of your home repairs and try not to put them off for too long. Learn more about Handyman Connection’s wide range of services at:

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